Version 5.14.3

We’ve been busy since April, and today is another 1st, so here is our 2nd. Enjoy!

New Features

  • [PLVR-2] – Implement borderless fullscreen
  • [PLVR-3] – Quantum voice dot
  • [PLVR-4] – 24-hour clock mode
  • [PLVR-6] – Implement support for FSParcelWindlight
  • [PLVR-7] – Ability to hide L$ balance for account security during external recording/screenshots
  • [PLVR-8] – Ability to customize friend/nearby list name types (display/legacy/both)
  • [PLVR-11] – Collapse/expand all folder buttons on inventory floater
  • [PLVR-16] – Implement Teleport History menu callback and shortcut

Fixed Bugs

  • [PLVR-9] – Snapshot floater has no safeguards against negative render size, causing a crash if attempted
  • [PLVR-15] – Depth of Field and God Rays used together creates artifacts on alpha surfaces
  • [PLVR-17] – “Edit” menu option does not work in Appearance floater
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