Polarity Viewer Beta 5.14.4

We’ve been hard at work again the past few months, and today we have a new beta release to give you. It includes features such as asset blacklist and texture/material refresh on objects, avatars, and attachments! We’ve also thrown in some bug fixes for good measure.

Release Notes – Polarity Viewer – Version 5.14.4 (37411)

New Feature

  • [PLVR-5] – Asset blacklist with granular derender capability
  • [PLVR-27] – Force attachments to be rendered at the highest LOD at all times
  • [PLVR-29] – Automatically close “Out-of-Character” brackets (Role-play feature)
  • [PLVR-30] – Allow user to disable keyboard shortcuts for shout and whisper
  • [PLVR-31] – Announce incoming IMs
  • [PLVR-33] – Configurable Joystick mapping
  • [PLVR-35] – Cinematic UI Mode


  • [PLVR-19] – Name tags do not reflect friendship status in “low priority friend color” mode.
  • [PLVR-21] – The Machinima Sidebar’s God ray sliders do not work


  • [PLVR-26] – Typing indicator for local chat in avatar nametags
  • [PLVR-34] – Xbox 360 controller joystick defaults
  • [PLVR-36] – Panic button in attempt to prevent crashes
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