Meet the team

This project was created to satisfy a personal need for a versatile viewer that offers features catering to full-time / advanced users that enjoy photography, as well as machinima.

Team members

Doug (Developer)

Hi there! I’ve had a fascination with computers from a young age. Once I understood that they could be “taught” to solve interesting problems, I began to teach myself how to write code. I have been programming for nearly a decade now and I love every minute of it. I am well-versed in a multitude of software disciplines including web, applications, and games; and I look forward to bringing my experience to the Polarity team and you in the form of useful and efficient features.

Darl (Project Manager / Co-Founder)

Xenhat Hex (Developer / Co-Founder)

Bit Hex (Graphic and Sound designer)

Last updated: October 1st 2018 by Darl