Frequently asked questions

Question: What is Polarity?
Answer: Polarity a third-party Second Life viewer, made by a group of friends to bridge a perceived gap between stability, performance, and features for advanced users.

Question: Is this viewer safe? I don’t see it listed on the Third Party Viewer Directory.
Answer: You’re right, we are not listed on the TPVD. We made the decision early on to not apply for this, because we see it as a form of advertising ourselves as something we are not. We work on Polarity on our free time, without any compensation. We want to avoid any expectation that may be placed on us to update our viewer on any schedule but our own, and retain the most control over the direction of our project. At the time, we were fully prepared to apply for this status, and expected to be approved based on our criteria adherence.

Question: What does Polarity offer?
Answer: We aim to create an enhanced Second Life experience by combining the features and refinements created by our own team, and other third viewer projects/developers to meet our needs.

Question: Does Polarity only work on Desktops? I have a laptop.
Answer: We’ve had mixed experience with using any Second Life viewer (third-party or official) on laptops. Because of this, we do not officially offer support for laptop-based users.

Question: Does Polarity support the Restrained Love API?
Answer: Our legacy beta does support the Restrained Love API, but our new beta and canary releases do not have full support for it at this time.

Question: I have a feature request!
Answer: Create a feature-request issue on our JIRA if think that it would be a fitting addition to Polarity. If you are not happy with the speed at which an approved feature is being implemented, you are free to use other viewers or try to implement it yourself.

Question: Can I donate to the Polarity project?
Answer: No.

Question: Why don’t you support Linux or Mac?
Answer: Linux support is planned for early 2019, but we are not planning to support macOS in the near future.

Question: Do you plan to support Polarity on other grids?
Answer: Yes. Our latest beta and canary releases offer multi-grid / OpenSim support.

Question: This viewer runs slower than I’m used to.
Answer: Buy a new computer.

Last updated: November 9th 2018 by Darl